My Favourite Fragrance

If I had to choose

If I had to choose a fragrance I’m not sure which on I would choose. I love musk as a rule. So Marshmallow would have to be in the top 10 of my favourite scents. It reminds my of my favourite perfume MOR’s Marshmallow.  I fell in love with this perfume many years ago when I was given a bottle for my birthday. Then when it ran out I had forgotten its name so for years I looked for it. I finally came across it a few years ago and we were reunited again.  I always have a spare bottle hidden away. 

I have a marshmallow candle in my bathroom at the moment. It’s nice when ever I go in there. I feel that it is nice in the diffusers but is a soft fragrance gets a little bit lost when mixed with the diffuser base.  It is still nice just a little different, not as soft ( for want of a better word). We always have testers available at the markets for you try.