Testing a new soy wax

Trying a new soy wax today, followed the recommended temperatures and found it to be an extremely fast setting wax.  Also a lot of waste with this wax as it set quickly causing it to set it the pouring jug.  Also found that after the candles had cooled and set that they needed to have a top up pour as they were left with craters in the middle.   Very time consuming but still alot of fun. Made some amazing candles and mixed and matched a few of my favourite flavours ( fragrances)  to make some fantastic new candles ‘fragrances ‘ which I will be revealing in the near future.  Now all I have left to do is burn them to ensure they are ready to be released for you to try.

I think I may need to re evaluate this wax as the time and effort for this one out weighs the positives.

Negative- sets quickly leaving a sunken middle therefor have to top up every candle. Tried heating the containers to the same temprature still the same result. so having to double pour every candle will become time consuming and labor intensive. Finished candles sweat a lot when in the sun or even in temperatures above 25 Degrees C out of direct sunlight. Crystalises around the edges of the container. Some frosting. Has to have exact pouring ratios of wax to fragrance as even a slight variation of .05% leaves the tops of the candles broken and uneven.

Positive- sent throw is amazing even when cold, candle burn time is fantastic. No discolouration on the top of the candle before they have been exposed to the elements. Shelf life is reasonable. But think I may need to find an alternative to this wax.