The Customer is always right

The customer is always right

I love making candles and any one that knows me can see how much I love it.  I love all aspects of it and I pour my heart and soul into the items that I produce.

It has been a huge transition for a lot of small businesses and people in general or the last year. Between bush fires and drought and now the Covid 19 pandemic. Its just plain crazy.

All of us have had to adapt to a different way of living and surviving.  In this time I have been practising patience and gratitude.  I think I have become a better person in this time. I hope that I can use these skills learnt moving forward.

So the reason for this blog is to remind people out there that we are all going through something and we all need to stop reacting / over reacting.

This month I have had 2 issues with postage breakages.

The first one she sent me a photo and showed me the damage was kind and polite and was calm in her attitude.

The second abused me as if it were my fault that I purposely broke it and sent it to her, threatened me and said some horrible things. (she was obviously having a bad day)

Both customers items were replaced without fuss. But one got a bonus gift as a thank you because they were kind and easy to deal with. The other got the replacement.

I send out loving vibes to you all and I hope you are all doing your best in these crazy times.