Fragrant Reed Diffuser w/ Refill


Hotwix reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance your home or office they don’t require any flames, electricity, or batteries. Instead, they use 5mm reeds to draw the fragrance oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, where the scent then permeates into the air. They require pretty much zero maintenance, besides maybe refilling the bottle every few of months. That’s why they’re one of the best ways to freshen up your home or office.

Studies have proven that fragrances  interact with your brain and impact on your moods, stress levels, and even working capacities.  Whether you have a home office, are looking to make your guests feel welcome, or just want a more uplifting environment for your own home, our reed diffusers are an effective way to achieve this.

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Our Hotwix reed diffusers are made using the finest quality fragrance oil and premium diffuser blend. These elegant diffuser hold 200mls and they come with five,  5mm thick x 25cm high reeds to allow the fragrance to permeate throughout your home, office or personal space.  Also included in this deal is a 200ml refill with your choice of fragrance. You can choose to have the same fragrance or if you wish to order a different fragrance please let me know at the checkout in the ‘order notes optional’ section.

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