LOVE POTION Essential Oil 3 Pack


AWO’s Love Potion is a 3-pack essential oil bottle set consisting of 100% Pure Essential Oils. Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box, what better way is there to spoil your loved one or yourself! This special pack contains a variety of oils that are known for their relaxing, uplifting and aphrodisiac qualities. The floral and romantic aromas of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, teamed with the fresh and sweet Orange Oil, create the perfect mix.

Our range of Essential Oils come in a handy 15ml bottle with dripulator cap.

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Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil (15ml): AWO’s Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil carries an incredibly floral and sweet aroma with intriguing hints of spice. Due to its incredibly refreshing aroma it has been seen to uplift, invigorate and relax the mind and body.

Patchouli Essential Oil (Dark) (15ml): Patchouli (Dark) Essential Oil has a rich and deep aroma that comes together to form a heavy blend of spicy and earthy notes, with a mild crisp undertone. It’s natural grounding nature makes it perfect for those wanting to create a calming environment.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil (15ml): Orange Sweet Essential Oil provides a refreshingly citrus-sweet aroma that is redolent of the fresh fruit. This makes it the perfect oil to have diffusing in any bedroom, living room, kitchen, study space or bathroom. Not to mention, it also contains powerful uplifting, soothing, energising and calming properties.

*This Pack Contains Flammable Liquids: Road transport only.

There are many ways that you can use your essential oils this Valentine’s Day, but below are a couple of our favourite ideas to get you started:

Massage: Treat your loved one with a soothing massage by diluting 6-10 drops of Essential Oil into 100ml of your favourite Carrier or Base Massage Oil.

Diffuser or Vaporiser: Set the mood  by adding 2-10 Drops of Essential Oil to your Diffuser or Vaporiser – perfect to make your day extra special.

Bath: Enjoy a relaxing and romantic bath by adding 4-6 drops of Essential Oil into your warm bath.

Perfume: Create your own personal perfume blend by mixing 10-12 drops of Essential Oil to a 5ml roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Essential Oil Safety

  • In line with the Therapeutic Goods Act, we do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the guidance of a registered Aromatherapist or Naturopath. Essential Oils are extremely potent and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly.
  • Essential oils should be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid using Essential Oils during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
  • Essential Oils are very concentrated and are likely to cause irritation if applied directly to the skin. For this reason, we recommend diluting your essential oils before using topically (on the skin). For skin application AWO recommends a 2-4% dilution and for facial application AWO recommend a 1-2% dilution for adults.

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