Received our much a waited order today some amazing new candle container and candle accessories can’t wait to start creating.  Will be offering some charming new bowls, also some delightful trinket type lidded boxes very cute. You will be able to mix and match to suit you and your décor.

Our new range of planters and candle accessories will be posted in the up-coming days.  So Excited!! It’s like Christmas!!!


The new containers are Bohemian and Boho Style garden planters. Which we are really excited about. They come in a variety of styles and patterns, with all the colours of the rainbow.  We will be stocking 3 main sizes Small Square, Medium Round and Large Square.  Styles and colours will be listed on our website under the appropriate headings. It’s great peace of mind knowing that when you have finished your candles from our Boho or Bohemian range that you can up-cycle the planter with your favourite herbs or succulents.  It really is a 2 for 1 deal. The gift that keeps on giving. And no more empty candle jars clogging up your cupboards. YA! So much better for the environment 🙂