About Us

Meet Jennie, the creative mind behind Hotwix Scented Candles. Her journey began with a quest for an asthma-friendly, chemical-free solution to keep her home smelling delightful. She found the answer in soy wax, a 100% biodegradable ingredient that not only burns cleaner but also has minimal environmental impact. This discovery sparked her passion for candle making. Jennie’s venture started with creating melts and a handful of candles, which soon turned into an a passion for the entire candle crafting process. Today, Hotwix Scented Candles are renowned for their quality, crafted from premium grade soy wax and fragrant oils, all hand-poured on the beautiful Mid North Coast. Jennie’s passion for creating new products has seen Hotwix’s product range grow immensely. Jennie’s dedication to excellence, influenced by her meticulous nature, is the driving force behind Hotwix. She is committed to offering you the finest handmade scented candles and products, all at amazing prices, and always striving for the highest quality. never compromising on quality. With Hotwix, you’re guaranteed fantastic products and service.