About Us

Hi I’m Jennie the owner / maker of Hotwix Scented Candles, I have always loved burning incense in my home. When we found out that this affected our daughter’s asthma, I decided to find a natural, smoke free way to make my house smell fresh & inviting. (without all the chemical smells.)

After doing a lot of research I discovered that soy wax is  100% biodegradable,  chemical free,  burns cleaner, leaving less residue & a lot less impact on the environment.  This is where it all began, my love for making candles.

I started out making melts then a few candles & fell in love with candle making process.

Hotwix scented candles  are made from the best quality soy wax, premium grade fragrant oils bringing you the finest handmade candles at fantastic wholesale prices & all made on the Mid North Coast AKA Gods Country

My passion for excellence (and a lot of my OCD) is what drives me & I strive to bring you the best quality products possible.