Mothers Day Fragrances 2020

With Mother’s Day just a week away we have had an influx of orders.  I have been surprised by some the fragrances that are being ordered this year.  It is very different from the last few years.

Usually I sell a lot of Coconut Lime, Champagne & Strawberries and Nag Champa.  Then in since new fragrances have been emerging I have seen them take off.  New fragrances like Lemongrass and Persian Lime, Thai Lime and Mango and also Watermelon Lemonade. These are now some of the most popular fragrances we sell.

This Mother’s Day we have seen a rise in old favourites that have with stood the test of time.  In 3rd place for the most ordered fragrance this Mother’s Day (so far) is Wild Frangipani this fragrance is a beautiful replica of the flowering plant and is very hard to tell the difference between the two. It is a subtle yet clean fragrance that will have your home smelling like summer time  ALL  year round.

2nd place and not really that surprising is French Lavender.  It has all the characteristics of Lavender with the added extras of herbaceous rosemary, vanilla and patchouli which truly bring this fragrance to life. This will have you feeling like you are in the middle of a lavender field, relaxed and calm, what better way to spend your Mother’s Day….calm and relaxed…..

Coming in as the MOST ordered fragrance this Mother’s Day 2020 is Gardenia.  This is one of the first floral fragrances I tried when I started out on my candle making journey .  I am generally NOT a floral person but there is something about this fragrance that I love.  It is so true to life.  It has a exquisite aroma with a top note so sweet and a floral body so intense, this truly captures the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower of the same name.

This change in fragrances choices could have come about because adult children placing the orders over the website and NOT younger kids choosing a fragrance for their Mums.  So this year I won’t have to apologise to all the Mum’s that received Monkey Farts from their young sons, as I did last year.  It was THE most purchased fragrance from young boys buying a gift for their Mothers last year.  The boys loved the name, BUT I’m sure the Mothers would have loved the banana based fragrance with the uplifting fresh fruity aromas.  Beautiful in any room in your home.  We will have to wait and see what will happen next Mothers Day when hopefully the world has returned to some type of reality….  Fingers crossed xx