Feedback from Markets

As we all know trying something new and stepping out of our comfort zone can be daunting and it’s really nice to get a pat on the back every now and then to show that, you are heading in the right direction.

I had a beautiful lady approach me at the Tuncurry Markets on Saturday; she was so excited to meet me. She had received one of my candles as a Christmas present the Christmas before last (2017). She said she hadn’t lit her candle yet as it had made her house smell amazing. She was afraid if she lit it and it ran out she wouldn’t find another one the same. She was so happy that I still carry the same fragrance and she was able to order it again. While she was there she started telling all the customers that walked into my stall all about her candle. She was so excited to share her experience and Im sure it may have looked like I planned it that way. It really made my day (week actually). It still makes me smile when I think about it.  Nice to know we are heading in the right direction and our standards are fantastic too. Thank you