Jasmine & Magnolia

I was introduced to this fragrance by a friend. Who asked me to source the fragrance for them to use in a candle as a gift for their mother.  Who IS very particular about the ‘smells’ in her home.  I am NOT generally a floral person and I usually turn my nose up at the floral tones. But this fragrance is different (yet still floral) it isn’t sickly or over powering in that it makes  its own statement. It is a fantastic mix of both Jasmine and Magnolia they are both pungent fragrances in their own right. But when they are mixed together in this formula you can smell them both and blend perfectly. It really is a beautiful soft floral fragrance.  This scent is fantastic in candles.  It is also nice in the diffuser though I do feel it loses a little bit of its sweet muskiness when blended with the diffuser base.  Still great but not the as same as when blended in soy wax.

The perfect blend of 2 exceptional fragrances