Wild Frangipani

This is one of 5 different frangipani fragrances that we carry. This one in particular has a mild softness to it that reminds me of summer school holidays. ( before children you know what I mean calm relaxed)  It has an unusual soft nearly tropical soap smell.  It is unique in its fragrance.  It works well with the diffuser base and brings a subtle scent throughout the room. I find that it works well in candles as well and is bold enough to hold its own with the soy wax. I don’t think I would call it a floral fragrance though it does have a slight hint of a perfume. I think it works well in a bathroom, living or sunroom, as it it strong enough to scent throw to hold its own in a high traffic area. We always have testers on hand at all our markets or for further information on this fragrance you can visit our fragrance page.