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Our luxurious bath salts are designed for the ultimate relaxation experience at home. Our relax bath salts are made using Epsom salts, pink Himalayan rock salt, cocoa butter, kaolin clay, goats milk powder, Clarity blend of essential oils to ensure that your skin gets all the nourishment that it deserves.  These are made with the perfect blend of essential oils, they will have you feeling and smelling amazing.

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Our luxurious bath salts are designed for the ultimate relaxation experience at home. Our bath salts are made with pink Himalayan rock salt, Epsom salts, essential oil, cocoa butter, kaolin clay, goats milk powder to ensure that your skin gets all the nourishment that it deserves while your body relaxes. These are the perfect blend of ingredients that will have you feeling and smelling amazing.
Hotwix bath salts are infused with essential oils to make your mind and body relaxed. We recommend soaking your body for at least 15 minutes in a warm bath to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of our bath salts. All our products are 100% Australian Made by Hotwix Scented Candles at 6 Goldens Road Forster NSW. They are handcrafted from natural and organic ingredients (where possible), individually handmade and packaged in Australia.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan rock salt, Epsom salt, kaolin clay, goats milk powder, cocoa butter, natrasorb bath, clarity blend of essential oils.

Directions: Fill your bath with water that is a comfortable temperature. Remove wrapping & sprinkle or pour the contents of your bath salts into in the bath, use as little as 2 tablespoons up to the entire contents, swirl the water around to help dissolve the salts lay back relax & enjoy.

WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Don’t apply to broken or irritated skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Certain oils are not recommended for use by children or pregnant women. Store in a dry area. Rinse off after use. External use only.

Bath salt Ingredients and Information

To help you make an informed decision about your bath body & spa products.

Epsom salts are used to relieve pains in the body, by relaxing the muscles, the magnesium in Epsom salt may help to aid sore muscles in the recovery period after a workout.  Epsom salts in a bath will reduce tenderness and swelling in your joints.  Epsom salt is unlike table salt as it tastes bitter and is not a suitable ingredient for cooking. People use Epsom salt for its healing and detoxifying properties.  The theory suggests that dissolving Epsom salt in water helps the skin absorb magnesium ions. These regulate numerous essential bodily functions, including muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, and inflammation.

Himalayan Rock Salt contains 84trace minerals which are believed to help regulate water content throughout the body, balance pH in your cells, and promote healthy cellular metabolism. Additionally, these minerals can help improve overall health by providing essential electrolytes and aiding with digestion.

Kaolin Clay  is known as white or China clay and is typically white in colour,  This clay is composed of tiny crystals of minerals (including feldspar, quartz, silica, copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc) all of which work to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin.  Kaolin Clay naturally seeks out toxins to bind with and does so via negatively charged particles which attract and absorb positively charged secretions, toxins and contaminants from the skin.

Goat Milk Powder is easily absorbed into the skin and naturally contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are known for their powerful anti-aging capabilities. The biggest advantage of bathing with goat milk powder is the added moisture it offers your skin.  It is known that goats milk powder can reduce skin inflammation and soothes dry and damaged skin. Its natural emollients and triglycerides moisturise skin. Goats milk powder has the closest PH level to our skin.

Cocoa Butter contains a high number of fatty acids, which make it well-suited as a primary ingredient in skin cream. Fatty acids help to hydrate the skin. The fat in cocoa butter creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying.

Natrasorb helps to soften hard water and is a skin soothing bath additive.  Natrasorb is a great way to add essential, fragrance or even carrier oils to your bath water.  The starch itself adds a pleasant softness to the water.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for Focus and Concentration When combined, this unique selection of essential oils come together to release a delightfully sweet aroma with a subtle camphoraceous note. In addition to its pleasantly balanced essence, our Clarity Essential Oil Blend has been seen to bring mental alertness and attentiveness in times of fatigue and exhaustion. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) The presence of Lavender Essential Oil in AWO’s Clarity Essential Oil Blend aims to release stress, unwanted tension, and other factors that are known to contribute to brain fog and mental fatigue. Because after all, a clear mind encourages productive thinking, concentration, and positive decision-making. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Ho Wood Essential Oil (Cinnamomum camphora) Because of its high Linalool content, Ho Wood Essential Oil is known to nourish and support the mind and body. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus auranium) Neroli Essential Oil is known to be a powerful healer of the mind and body. Within this essential oil blend, Neroli encourages feelings of clarity and awareness, making users feel present and enlightened. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha arvensis) Multiple evidence-based studies have shown that Peppermint Essential Oil is a central nervous stimulant, from which many have experienced improved alertness and decreased mental fatigue. In fact, Peppermint Oil is also known to be one of the best essential oils for concentration. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) In aromatherapy, Sweet Orange Essential Oil has been seen to have a deeply calming affect on the mind, alleviating feelings of confusion and indecisiveness. Because of this, Sweet Orange Oil is known to be a fantastic essential oil for focus. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia serrata) Amongst other benefits, Frankincense Essential Oil is primarily known for its ability to clear and focus the mind whilst releasing unwanted tension and nervous energy. For this reason, it is often used in yoga and meditation, as a way of encouraging those practicing to feel centered, focused, and attentive. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limonum) Various studies suggest that Lemon Essential Oil acts as a natural mood enhancer and because of this, it has been said that many have experienced improvements in cognitive function and concentration. (writing credit to AWO essential oils)

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