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Hotwix’s room mists are meticulously crafted with top-notch fragrance oil and superior components. They feature a fine mist pump action nozzle, designed to disperse the aroma in your home, office, vehicle, or any area requiring rejuvenation. A larger 200ml size is also on offer. These mists are proudly produced in Australia, demonstrating our commitment to local manufacturing. They embody ethical consumerism, being both cruelty-free and vegan. The fragrance used is of cosmetic-grade, ensuring a refined scent experience. Our product is non-aerosol, offering a more environmentally friendly option. Moreover, it is long-lasting, with each unit providing over 100 sprays, offering exceptional value.

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Hotwix’s fragrant room mists offer a practical and efficient method to infuse any space with a pleasing scent, irrespective of its location – be it your home, car, or office. These mists eschew the need for any flame, electricity, or battery, ensuring a low-maintenance solution for long-lasting fragrance. They are an ideal choice to enrich your surroundings with a refreshing aroma. Scientific research validates the role of fragrances in modulating moods, stress levels, and even cognitive performance. Whether you aim to invigorate your home office, create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, or enhance your living environment, Hotwix’s fragrant room mists serve as a powerful tool to accomplish these objectives.

Ingredients: Aqua (demineralised water), Fragrance oil, Polysorbate 80, and Germall Plus.

For optimal results, follow the recommended usage instructions carefully – shake well before use and avoid direct spray onto fabric or soft furnishings.

To explore our comprehensive range of fragrances by visiting the ‘Hotwix fragrance list’, or download a copy via the link below.

Hotwix fragrance list – Available for download.

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