Reed Diffuser – Matte Black


Experience an aromatic transformation in your home or office with our charming, colourful reed diffusers, boasting over 75 enchanting fragrances to choose from. Elevate your space with our matte black reed diffuser, customised with your choice of reed colour/type, and accentuated with a sophisticated silver collar. Delivered in an elegant gift box, it’s an investment in ambiance that is totally worth it. Don’t miss out, make your choice today.

Fragrance List


View our complete range of fragrances and their descriptions on our Fragrance List page.
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Hotwix Reed Diffusers offer an innovative solution for enhancing the aroma in your living or workspace. These devices function without the necessity of flames, electricity, or batteries, instead employing wooden or fibre reeds to transport the fragrance oils from the bottle’s base to the reed’s apex. The fragrance then disseminates into the surrounding area. Their advantage lies in their nearly maintenance-free operation, only necessitating occasional refills. Scientific research has substantiated the significant influence of fragrances on cognitive functions, affecting moods, stress levels, and work efficiency. Whether you are creating a conducive atmosphere for your home office, welcoming guests, or enriching your living environment, Hotwix Reed Diffusers provide an efficient method to fulfill these objectives.

The Hotwix brand ensures handcrafted products, made with premium Australian fragrance oils and the finest ingredients for an optimal user experience.

Explore our comprehensive range of fragrances by visiting the ‘Hotwix fragrance list’, or download a copy via the link provided.

Hotwix fragrance list – Available for download.

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Weight .650 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 20 cm
Reed Type

Black Reeds 25cm, Black Reeds 30cm, Black Reeds 20cm, White Reeds 25cm, Natural Reed 25cm