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Elevate your ambiance with Hotwix fragrant room mists, crafted with top-tier fragrance oils and premium ingredients. Its fine mist pump action nozzle seamlessly infuses your home, office, car, or any space with a refreshing aroma. Opt for the handy 100ml size if you prefer a more compact version. Proudly Australian-made, our room mists are not only cruelty-free and vegan, but they also boast a cosmetic-grade fragrance. They are a non-aerosol solution, ensuring a healthier environment. Best of all? One bottle lasts incredibly long, offering over 1500 sprays. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your space into a fragrant haven.

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Hotwix fragrant room mists serve as an excellent solution for enhancing the aroma of your home, car, office, or personal space. These products function without the need for flames, electricity, or batteries, offering a simple, user-friendly approach to indoor fragrancing. Simply spray the mist in any desired space for a long-lasting scent that subtly fills the air, requiring minimal maintenance. Research indicates that fragrances can significantly influence your mood, stress levels, and overall productivity. Thus, utilizing Hotwix fragrant room mists can facilitate a more conducive environment, whether for a home office, guest reception, or personal living areas. It is a practical and efficient method to create a more inviting and uplifting atmosphere.

Ingredients: Aqua (demineralised water) Fragrance oil, Polysorbate 80, Germall Plus.

Use only as directed. Shake well before use. Do not spray directly onto fabric or soft furnishings.

Explore our comprehensive range of fragrances by visiting the ‘Hotwix fragrance list’, or download a copy via the link provided.

Hotwix fragrance list – Available for download.

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