Questions I get asked

Which fragrance do you think is the best?

Well I get asked this question alot (ALOT!)  Personally I like different fragrances for different rooms in my house.  I am lucky because I have the luxury of being able to change the fragrance to suit my moods.  But what I like won’t necessarily suit you or your home or your personal tastes. I then suggest the most popular fragrances which at the moment are in order Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Coconut Lime and Lotus Flower in this order. Although it wasn’t always this way. Coconut Lime was ALWAYS the most popular until the recent release of Lemongrass & Persian Lime. It has been such a huge game changer. 

So back to the answer the question, I like the Lemongrass and Persian Lime at the moment it gives off a fresh clean citrus-y scent with a zing of lime at the end and that makes me happy. I like it in candles and also in the diffusers. I have it in my car and it makes me smile when I ever I get into my car. (which is nice).  It would be a great fragrance to have in your bathroom, kitchen or toilet.  It is the type of scent that you could have in any room in your home, car or even your caravan. It would be the most popular fragrance over all our range. I feel that it will only get more popular as people discover it.

fresh clean citrus-y scent with a zing of lime