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Manufactured right here in Australia, the Combat Essential Oil Blend carries a naturally crisp, decongesting and subtly sweet aroma, that has been seen to strengthen, uplift and energise those fighting colds and flus.

Our range of Essential Oils come in a handy 15ml bottle with dripulator cap.

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Product information

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend for  Cold and Flu

AWO’s Combat Essential Oil Blend has been specially formulated to bring strength and relief to those suffering from cold and flu symptoms. The powerful, yet balanced aroma of Combat comes from its blend of 100% pure oils that are known to be fantastic essential oils for coughs, colds, and flu’s. Together, these essential oils boast natural antibacterial properties that work together to help kill bacteria and fight against illness.

Manufactured right here in Australia, the Combat Essential Oil Blend carries a naturally crisp, decongesting and subtly sweet aroma, that has been seen to strengthen, uplift and energise those fighting colds and flus.

*Flammable Liquid: Road transport only. International shipping not available on this item.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha arvensis)

The menthol content within Peppermint Essential Oil has been seen to ease common cold and flu symptoms whist helping overcome the tiredness and exhaustion experienced when the body is fighting against illness. Peppermint Essential Oil has also been seen to naturally reduce fevers and decongest the lungs and nasal passages; in fact, it is one of the most popular essential oils for colds and flus.

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limonum)

Within the Combat Essential Oil Blend, Lemon Essential Oil not only brings a subtle sweetness, when inhaled the Vitamin C content in Lemon Oil works to naturally detoxify the body whilst decongesting the mind.

Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil Certified Organic (Boswellia serrata)

Because of its natural disinfecting abilities, Frankincense Essential Oil is known to kill harmful bacteria. In addition, Frankincense Essential Oil has also been seen to reduce inflammation and ease respiratory related illness; in fact, Frankincense Oil is known to be one of the best essential oils for coughs.

Oregano Essential Oil (Origanum vulgare)

Traditionally used for respiratory health, Oregano Essential Oil is now known to naturally relieve common cold and flu symptoms, thanks to its complex chemical makeup consisting of carvacrol, thymol and terpinene.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens)

The antimicrobial activity within Rose Geranium Essential Oil has been seen to suppress the growth of bacteria and fungi and for this reason, it is commonly used to prevent and alleviate cold and flu symptoms.


Directions for use


  • To relieve common cold and flu symptoms, add a few drops of AWO’s Combat Essential Oil Blend to your Aromatherapy Diffuser, Car Diffuser or Diffuser Necklace.
  • Combat is known to alleviate typical cold and flu-like symptoms and is therefore the perfect essential oil to have on-hand ready to diffuse.

Topical Application:

  • These same benefits of the Combat Essential Oil Blend can also be received through topical application. We recommend diluting a few drops into your preferred carrier oil and applying to the chest and soles of the feet.
  • You can also add this dilution to a roller bottle and apply to the pulse points (temples, wrists, behind the ears and on the soles of the feet). It is the perfect essential oil blend to keep in your handbag, especially during those colder months.


Essential Oil Safety

  • Essential Oils are extremely potent and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly.
  • In line with the Therapeutic Goods Act, we do not recommend ingesting essential oils without the guidance of a registered Aromatherapist or Naturopath.
  • Essential oils should be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid using Essential Oils during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.
  • Essential Oils are very concentrated and are likely to cause irritation or reactions if applied directly to the skin. For this reason, we recommend diluting your essential oils before using topically (on the skin). Our recommended dilution percentages can be found under the ‘Directions for Use’ section.

Disclaimer: Whilst research evidence suggests that essential oils can assist with colds and flu’s, results do vary depending on individual circumstances and that is why we always recommend seeking professional advice regarding physical and mental health concerns.

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